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Once meeting the panel and after review 21 presented projects, DIF decides to select the following artists and pieces to show on decembre 9th and 10th 2016 at Leal Theater:

Carlota Mantecón/ El ejercicio del amor

Carmelo Fernández/ Adriático Adentro

Celeste González/ Wakefield Pool, visiones y revisiones

Daniel Abreu/ Cabeza

Daniel Morales/ IRM

Masu Fajardo/ La transmisión

Tamara Alegre/ Era

Teresa Lorenzo/ Cuerpar


Alike, the panel resolves that all projects will dispose a 15 minutes meeting device to contact with programmers. The not showing projects/artists complete list is:

Acerina Amador/ Zoom in and close up

Carmen Macías/ Regenere

Cristina Hernández/ Me comprometo

Enrique Cárdenes/ Al borde

ESC/ Cambuyón

Irene Zireja/ Unpackaging

Laura Marrero/ Biosfera

Nipplepot/ Timeline

Paula Quintana/ Pieles

Raquel Ponce/ Backstage

Sonia Rodríguez/ Mabel

Tamara Ascanio/ La voz transparente

Yudi Acosta/ Iwa Pele


The panel of judges was formed by:

Adán Hérnández, artist, writer and LEAL.LAV crew.

Elena Berthelius, choreographer, dance pedagoguey and Tenerife Danza Lab artistic director.

Ester Martínez, dancer, coach and Tenerife Dance Professionals Association director.

Javier Cuevas, artist and LEAL.LAV artistic director.

Juan Reyes, Festival Danzatac director (Tacoronte, Tenerife)