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Pia Krämer

O Espaço Do Tempo, Portugal


Degree in Psychology, Dance and Literature from the University of Regensburb (Germany), founded in 1985 her own dance studio, Loft where she works as a teacher dance and choreographer, developing international workshops around dance. Until 1997 it develops its educational work internationally. In 95 she finishes her Dance and Therapy studies and for four years works as a dance and movement therapist in Germany with patients diagnosed mental health. In 2000 she moved with his family to Portugal and began teaching at the university and training spaces in Evora and Lisbon. Since 2003 works at O espaço do tempo,  a multidisciplinary art space in Montemor-o-Novo where she is responsible for community work and training in Motion Analysis and Advanced Methodologies for Creative Learning. Since 2013 she is responsible for advanced training, management of international projects as well as working as artistic assistant.