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Margarida Troguet

Proyecto PRO365/SISMO, Festival Sismògraf, Olot

Cultural Manager, Director of the theatre Municipal of the Escorxador of the City Council of Lleida between 1998 and 2015 and coordinator of the Plan PRO365/SISMO driven by the Sismograf Festival of Olot.

A founding member of the Association of friends of the performing arts from Cataluña and member of the Board of directors from 2014 and Spectatores. Member of the jury of awards FAD Sebastià Gasch 2009-2016. Member of the Commission of appraisal residences of creation of dance and new formats in Sabadell Estruch 2012-2016. Member Commission rate aid Institut Ramon Llull 2016 and the Evaluation Commission Residències of creation and production of dance in the boiler. Barcelona 2015. Member of them Commission of assessment grants Icec and Osic 2016, of the jury of the Board arts performing and of the image of Zaragoza 2016, of the jury of contest of address arts performing Town Hall of Lleida 2016, of the Commission of contained IETM, Valencia 2016, of the Commission of content of the Festival Sismograf of Olot 2016-17.

She is coordinator of the FEM DANSA Plan promoted by the Association of professionals of the dance of Cataluña. Designs the content meeting professional the Festival Més Petit de Tots del CCCB Barcelona and lecturer in Mercartes, Valladolid 2016.

The project PRO365/SISMO is an accompaniment device for professionals of stage management in the field of the arts of movement and contemporary creation that will take place in 2017. It is aimed at professionals in the management of public theatres in Cataluña: programmers, directors, managers, coordinators, etc., who want to expand and discover other processes and work methods.