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Yudi Acosta

Degree in journalism, graduated with the highest qualifications in July 2011, at the Faculty of communication of the University of Havana, Cuba. During the years 2006 to 2011 was working as reporter in different means of press, as the Agency of Information National (AIN); The system information of the Cuban Television, the educational channel; in the chain Havana Radio stations and Radio Mayabeque, in Cuba. Graduate once he worked in the National Assembly of people’s power and subsequently in the telecentre Municipal Guines TV, Cuba.

In October 2011, participated in the Snail contest organised by the National Union of Writers and artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and the documentary “Santa Barbara: On the Roads of a Tradition”, won the snail Award for Best Director of programmes and the Grand Prize Caracol, both specializing in Radio. From November, 2011 until March 2012, he served as Assistant Director in the documentary “The Cup and the Sword”, produced by the Cuban Institute of art and cinematographic industry (ICAIC) and directed by the leading filmmaker Lourdes de Los Santos Matos.

In March 2012, at the first Festival Provincial Radio in Mayabeque, with the Documentary “Santa Barbara: on the Roads of a Tradition”, he earned two awards to individuals, the best direction and screenplay by programs, as well as the Grand Prize to the best program. Culture & Business, was working as a journalist in 2013 for the digital newspaper Canary by the journalist Juan Carlos Sánchez.

Title of the course of advanced Audiovisual production at the school’s production of film and TV in the artistic School of los Realejos, Canary Islands, Spain. He received DANCE “Videodanza” FILM course. The language film and its application on the body in movement: the dance Film: “Video dance”, taught by Teacher  Dr. Juan Bernardo Pineda Perez, Professor of performance and audiovisual at the University of Zaragoza. In 2015 obtained the degree of Master in management of projects and spaces cultural. Reporting dynamics, Sevilla, Spain private training centre.

The nature basic of a person, in occasions, not can perceive it. Without however, the character. The character is identifiable with the shares daily from each one. IWA Pelé means good character and this, a necessary seed to cultivate our life. IWA-Pelé is a spectacle of dance and percussion, played by dancer Paloma Hurtado and Javier Rodríguez percussionist. Audiovisual art also has its space in this project in the hands of the Director Yudi Acosta. The wide range of instruments of the percussion family and the richness of contemporary dance together to introduce a program that transit through different dance and music styles. Them drums robes, the Pumpkins African, the opera gong, the udu, the claw hang, among others; will give life to a dance that while starts with subtle and harmonious movements, not takes in turn is in an energetic and rhythmic choreography for the deity yoruba Yemaya. The ringer melodic of the vibraphone and the sensuality of movements body is fuse in the diversity of musical genres that proposes Iwa Pelé in a presentation where they come together, in addition, other artistic manifestations such as audiovisual, prevails where contact with nature and its resources; so you will enjoy wonderful images of Canarian landscapes that support and enrich the implementation stage of Iwa-Pelé.

The show lasts about 45 minutes, which can vary; You can break up or shortened (from 10 min) without losing it the magic that surrounds it, because transitions are designed accordingly. It is perfectly adaptable to different needs and available spaces. It is a show that, as its name suggests in yoruba language, promotes spirituality and in which prevails , good character or Iwa-Pelé.