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Teresa Lorenzo

Creative, dancer, contemporary dance and iyengar yoga teacher and audiovisual technician.

In the field of movement is formed independently on the basis of the subject of the study and experimentation of freedoms for entertainment, play and pleasure, what could not be or look like dance, I look at my body and numerous relationships that unfold before my every day.

Dance provides you, among other things related to art and mysticism, live the body towards the world and towards the core, with a consciousness that seems to become more and more clear, comprehensive, intelligent and humble. When the balance leans towards the interpretation (almost always connected to creation), it’s mastered the technique required for ideas. With respect to the interpretation, it is crossed by dance, by the movement. When it leans toward the mystical or spirituality, is given by a contemplation that opens if same without vanity and that is diluting concepts, differences, intentions etc. A continuous practice and in-depth study of different techniques of yoga guide it on this trip that lives at the bottom of everything.





It is difficult to speak about the body, it is as if is poured out a lot of water to me, I avoid it and I can’t. And water to sprout. An infinite number of angles from those who ask the question WHAT IS THE BODY? I am not going anywhere, I answer from the body. It is denser energy of the mind, and this, the mind, the body’s subtle energy. Nothing more beautiful more harmonic and sweeter. It is language in every moment and in every one of these moments is alive.

MOVEMENTS do not become never rounded, substantial, nor completely full movements (although some will breathe or intend to if same as such). And not by what they lack, but because the offering. Their lack is not because they say little is because they say little.

In his sprout like water, the movements free new possibilities of being without being at all. Occur in a mode of concealment and not a simple show. Movements that appear are going and that leave nothing that, rather than invisibilidades.

In a process of increasing or decreasing these movements subject to an endless rope from which these movements, can be infinitely, pulled are observed, directed and redirected, are sometimes reconsidered and even preserved in silence, coexist with the stillness.