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Tamara Alegre

Master Degree in Scenic and Visual Culture Praxis (Madrid, 2010). She previously studied European Business Studies in the United Kingdom and Psychology in France. For years she worked as music and performance programmer in Les Urbaines Festival (Lausanne). She presents her first works as a choreographer in 2015. PUSSYHALL BRAIDING, a long-lasting piece created in June 2015 was presented in Zurich and in Fête du festival Moves Dance in Lausanne. From 2013, she works as dancer-performer with La Ribot in the emblematic piece Laughing Hole (2006) and attends La Ribot for two years in various projects and creations. From March 2016, Tamara danced in NATTEN, the new creation of Marten Spängberg, which premiered at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in April 2016 and is now turning to the international.

Receives scholarship danceWEB within the framework of the festival ImPulsTanz in Vienna, 2015. Past September 2016 she begins MA in choreography in DOCH, School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden.



Era Ph.3 <=> 1.5 embodiments


Landscape of sensations, state of processing infinite and camouflage perpetual. Impregnated of a feel timeless, watery and thick. Endowed with a strange physiology and an iconoclastic physical appearance, announce the possibility of spending one’s own to another / the other. Bodies messengers and issuing of a new resonance. Dancing to the unison, merging in the disappearance, does not belong to any site until now imaginable.