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Sonia Rodríguez


Born in the Palmas of great Canary Islands in 1974.

Begins his career as performer of the company Provisional Danza (Madrid 1992-1996), Charleroi Danses (Belgium 1996-1998), in-Knap (Slovenia 1999 – 1998), Gissela Rocha (Zurich 1999). Has worked with Rui Horta (Germany 1999-2002) where besides interpreter participates as Assistant of choreography back pieces of repertoire for different companies as Scottish Dance Theater, or Norrdans.

In 2002 his career took her to England, where he worked with H2dance (London 2002-2003) later to be Assistant of choreography and interpreter of Lanònima Imperial (Barcelona 2003-2005) and Lior Lev (Stuttgart, 2005), Cobosmika (Barcelona 2005-2006), La Baraka (Lyon 2006-2008). Currently collaborates with the company Yann Lheureux (Montpellier).

He received the award of the best interpreter of the choreographic competition in Madrid in 2002 having the opportunity to participate in American Dance Festival (USA).

His work as a choreographer began in 2002 creating “Solo Caos” piece won a prize at the 8th International  Dance Theater Festival in Stuttgart and the Dance Festival Calvià 2005. During these years has carried out different parts: 15 m, random, Signs, Zufridenheit, quasar, the speaks of the body, Forbidden Colours II, Mabel, signals to Lala…

In 2009 receives a grant from the Canary Island Government for the realization of Bal (l) ade, a project in collaboration with the CIA. Yann Lheureux (Montpellier) and CIA. Mesieurs Mesdames (Toulouse). Bal (l) ade revolves in the Islands Canaries, France and Germany.

In 2009 she live in Barcelona, and works as an interpreter at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, forming part of the production Król Roger (the King Roger), opera by the Polish composer Karol Szymanowski, directed by David Pountney. It was also produced for the Bregenz Festival, in co-production with the Liceu of Barcelona. This is done at the Wielki Theater in Warsaw (2011).

In the 2010 Sonia created the piece “Forbidden Colours” for the Cia Moudansa (Valencia). It premieres in the Festival dance Valencia 2010.

In 2011 you receive residence in the Graner (Barcelona) for the realization of the piece “Forbidden Colours II”

In the spring of 2012 the Cia Sonia Rodríguez created Thirteen Steps for the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. With the collaboration of the photographer Carlos Collado. Its premiere takes place in the Northern School´s Riley Theatre in March 2012. (Leeds, UK).

He has been guest choreographer to create pieces in the Conservatory of Portugal (Lisbon), Institute of the theater (Barcelona), Iwanson School (Munich), School Area (Barcelona) and Northern School (Leeds, England).

These last years has collaborated as interpreter in other companies like Cie Yann Lheureux (Montpellier, 2008-2013), Cie Dysoundbo (Luzern, 2013), and Hausgemacht Company (Munich, 2013).

In 2013 has been invited as choreographer, teacher and interpreter in the Beijing Dance Festival, acting with the piece “Forbidden Colours II”

In 2014 she was invited as a choreographer in the RPCD Mariemma (Madrid) creating the piece “Mabel Reloaded”

Late 2014, early 2015 Attakkari Center for Movement Arts (Bangalore, India) in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Bangalore have invited Sonia as choreography in residence creating piece “Absence / Presence”

In 2015 receives the residence art in CC Heidelberg with the piece “Mabel” for April 2016.

Since 2002 has formed the Cia Sonia Rodriguez.

From 2013, he lives in Berlin and Gran Canaria.


Mabel is a tribute to the difference, the abnormal and novelty as an inexhaustible source of surprise and diversity. An antidote against the intolerance to him strange and rare. Mabel is also a material to reflect on ourselves and on the role that we believe we are representing in life. Mabel is proposes leave open a fissure through which to see things that do not accept or not arrived to understand. Images that are unable of interpret with the reason but perhaps itself with the force of the feelings