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Raquel Ponce

Degree in Art History. Dancer, actress and stage director in the Canary Islands and Madrid.

Resident artist of Production Studies of the Art Center La Regenta. active member and cofounder of the independent art collective El hueco. Cofounder of the performing new trends company El perro verde. Interpreter of numerous dance and performance shows among which are those made with Gary Stevens (And), Xavier Le Roy (Extensions, Proyect) and Tino Seghal presented in different European cities (Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm , Geneva). As a creator she has performed and interpreted the scenic pieces “Last time ever” “Another stupid American movie”, “Artematón”, “Free Beer”, “Narcisa”, “Untitled” and “Backstage” among others.


She has carried out expository projects among them; “BACK” presented at the CAAM / Las Palmas, El Tanque / Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Biennial of Moving Image (BIM) Buenos Aires Argentina, “Corpografías” presented in space “Area 60” in the TEA and in “the digital night” in the Skylight Room of Contemporary Art in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, “Drawing” presented at the Biennale of Dakar (Senegal).


Her performative work has been presented at various festivals among them; Festival of sound research and related arts “Display” at the Cervantes Institute in Berlin, Festival performance “Melee” in the Art Center La Regenta, Festival “Cinemadamare” in Italy, BONE Festival performance in Switzerland.


“What is left is always missing, which is kept in the shade.” Ángel González.

Backstage project investigates what happens before moving on to the scene and what happens next. The action before and after the action, the back of the scene, the back room of the action. The linguistic term loan “between racks” serves as a metaphor to deepen me and place me in the “between” scenic and plastic, “between” white cube exhibition and stage black box.

Backstage, as a subject at the same time as device and mechanism for driving, searches runout, the fragment, interval, intermission, the between-time, outside space field while the storm. In this way it tries to hide, snatch the eye of the beholder what there is to see, making him think about what you are seeing, or rather what is not seeing, showing no erasures but strikethrough result.

Backstage is just cause without effect. Showing only their hiding or blurring cause and its effect is to intensify the error, useless waste as result memory, like the skeleton of the process, ranging from paper and waste.

In short, build one piece from the back; playing with the unsaid, with the unseen, with the blind spaces with neutral look; minimizing the narrative anchors, hiding far as you can without falling into starvation, to the limit in the least longer more and it is simply less.