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Paula Quintana

Actress, dancer, creator. Alternate work with companies with their career based on their own language, a visceral communication, person who feels a person who feels. First prize competition European Contemporary Creative Woman 2016 III receives special to the best emerging artist/creator Award “by the maturity shown to integrate dance and theatre, with refined performances and great potential of projection”, fair Umore Azoka 2015, Vizcaya.


Born in Tenerife, she studies classic, contemporary dance and flamenco. After taking a degree in dramatic arts, she moved to Madrid continuing with her training as an actress and dancer, studying and collaborating with important conductors, dancers and choreographers. All this leads it to work on different productions in theatre and dance, inside and outside of Spain:

Cast current of the company “Pour Ainsi Dire” of Paris; “It delirare” and “The virtue of clumsiness” dir. Fernando Soto. Stand out performances at the Grand Palais in Paris; Royal Albert Hall in London; “7Grados low Chekhov” “dir. Yayo Cáceres;” “The miser” dir. Paco Obregón; “Spies” of Ignacio of the Moral; “Piaton” cia. V.Desamparados among others. With them he took part in festivals as Fringe Madrid, Umore Azoka of Leioa or Fira Tárrega, as well as in numerous rooms of the national circuit.


In her career as a creator include two short pieces “The echo”, 2nd prize competition One Piece ´11; and ” Dream 3″, turning national network to Sky Open ´15. In addition, SKINS, “Contemporary Canary” works fest. Miami ´16; fest. Spain Dance in Montevideo´15, London Flemish festival, Between the Seas, New York festival, non-conventional spaces as the HOUSE of the GOALKEEPER in Madrid, among others. LATENT, candidate Max Award “best revelation”.


“Every morning jump in the bed and floor a mine.” “The mine am I “Ray Bradbury”.

Dwell is beyond where comes awareness. Live by altering the logic of sentiment. Not wanting to know, not wanting to add any results. Let there be adrift. Float in silence after having fought against all the trends. Live in the invisible. Live skins.

An emotional journey that reconcile with the humanity of the feelings. A continuous struggle and pacification with own emotions. Battles enclosed and protected under our skins in which the end is not victory, but the mere fact of live and let live with a widespread need to draw conclusions, results. Try to be and in each present moment, leaving skin smell, sweat, bleed, change, feel.

“Drowned in the search for balance, I can breathe when I surrender to who I am at all times”