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Masu Fajardo

Masu Fajardo

Tenerife 1978, studied classical and contemporary dance in the Canary Islands (Teatro Victoria). Later continued studying in Barcelona, with stays in Amsterdam and Lisbon (with a grant from the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife) has degrees in Art History and a Master in Cultural Management (University of Alcalá de Henares) She has worked with different choreographers in Barcelona developing collective choreographic research presented in mythical spaces of Barcelona as Metrònom, theaters like the Mercat de les Flors or the Porta missing (among others) participates in research projects as Mugaxoan 2008 (Foundation Arteleku and Serralves Porto, Bilbao) o el cuerpo próximo under the direction of the choreographer Olga Mesa (Strasbourgo).   She has been resident in structures such as Nau Estruch, Hangar, La Porta, or La Poderosa of which she has been part and was the part of the first Artass generation. She has also worked with the company Konic thtr multimedia art with which she toured in Mexico, France, and presented in cities like New York or Moscow as a solo dancer on stage activating technological devices. This company pioneered the interactive scene

Since 2005 Masu Fajardo develops its own line of choreographic research with a performative character and shows her work in various areas and national festivals. You can see some of them in As cultural manager she has been developing since 2012 Encuentros on body and performativity http: // cuerpoyperformatividad through which she shares her expertise within the insular region the and new generations of artists on the island.



Masu Fajardo gives the choreographic score of Sujeto Visible- Sujeto Invisible to Vicente Arlandis in order to transfer altogether is ownership and expand such score. Thus the title of the resulting new piece refers to the methodology of work. In this piece she studied how to build complex choreographic interpretation mechanisms to convert the score in an open source of actions that can be continued under the ethical Open Source Codes.


Vicente Arlandis. 1976. (IBI-Alicante)

Arlandis Vicente is a graduate in Dramatic Art, with Masters in Artistic Production at the

Faculty of BB.AA of Valencia and Apass (Performance in Advanced Performance

Trainning) in Brussels. Since 2001 he works with the choreographer and dancer Sandra

Gomez in the Losquequedan project where he conducts numerous artistic projects and

research as the series Borrones, Thank You Very Much, Tragedia de los Comunes, The

Love Thing Piece, etc. Currently he is involved in various community projects such as


He has also worked as a performer and choreographer with numerous artists such as

David Espinosa, Macarena Remember, Jan Fabre, Amalia Fernández, Hipólito Paton,

Lisbeth Gruweth, Rafael Tormo i Cuenca, Miguel Martinez, etc.

More information about Vicente in