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Enrique Cárdenes

Born in Las Palmas de G.C. in 1964. He is trained as a dancer in Las Palmas de G.C. and Madrid. He worked with the Las Palmas Contemporary Ballet Companies, Andanza, Provisional dance, Platanera, El ojo de la faraona and Perroverde. Carmen Werner’s Provisional Danza director assistant. Creator and regular contributor to the collective El hueco. His works lives between dance, video, video performance and video installation.


At the border there is a beginning and an end
where one begins the other ends

sharing a common space
at the edge of the absurd
at the edge of misunderstanding
at the edge of the ridiculous
at the edge of the scene
The words, images, are used to deceive, or to tell us what
we need, to talk about things that have never existed or exist or to invent
stories, which invented, have their share of lie.

Everyone decides that deceives and he believes.
The piece ”At the edge ” ‘was created with improvised images on versions of
ways to move and attitudes of friends and mine. Use gifts,
souvenirs, clothes, movements, … all of them, and only they would be able perhaps
to recognize them. It is a tribute to the enrichment we received from the
interaction we shared.
On these images filmed and projected I ever interact creating
new versions and adding a layer of reality.