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Enlace Servicios Culturales

The company was created in October 2008 to open a line of work that seeks to investigate ways to create for the scene from different disciplines that help you connect with new audiences and new languages.

A space where artists from different origins put in common abilities trying to find new forms of expression.

JEP Melendez, Josefa Suarez and Carlos Belda is known makes 7 years and began to develop this project.


It is a spectacle of percussive dance and urban where it follows the cultural tour of rhythms, their encounters mergers and fusions.

Seven characters travel in a boat through time and space by exchanging knowledge experiences and especially rhythm, lots of rhythm. Tap dancers, hip hop and body percussion, singers and musicians lead us hand in this current journey through the recent history of the Western rhythm.

The CAMBUYÓN, as well as a way of life, an activity was born the 19TH century, when the big boats anchored in the Bay of the ports of the Atlantic Islands (Canaries, Madeira) local merchants came to vessels to exchange products. During them years 40 and 50 of the century last is developed also in an of them few ways of communication with the outside, in the door of entry cultural of a society closed to the world despite be a port strategic.

This historical reality helps us walk the path that has made it possible the existence today of artistic disciplines such as tap dance or hip-hop, clearly born of fusion, journeys and meetings of different cultures.

From Africa and Europe to America returning to the old continent and becoming universal, the different rhythms that we are dealing with are part of the prevailing global culture.

CAMBUYÓN shows the travel, meetings and completely mixed fruit with the clear intention to entertain the viewer through the strength and the importance of rhythm in the life of the human being.