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Daniel Abreu

Born in Tenerife, degree in Psychology, he is a dancer, choreographer and director of his own company from 2004. He has worked as an interpreter in several dance and theater companies in Spain, as well as several collaborations as an interpreter and assistant creation. National Dance Award 2014 in the category of Creation. Best Director Award at INDIFESTIVAL in 2010.

Jury Prize at the XVIII Choreographic Contest of Madrid with Monica Garcia. Award in the XVIII Choreography Competition in Madrid with a scholarship to the American Dance Festival. Award at IV Maspalomas Choreography Competition.


He has made more than fifty choreographic works that have been presented in several countries in Europe, Asia and America. He has also made choreographies commissioned for Fattoria Vittadini (Milan, 2016), TenerifeDanzaLab (Tenerife, 2015), 10 & 10 Danza (Madrid, 2014), Zagreb Dance Company (Zagreb 2013), Titoyaya Project (Valencia, 2010), Zawirowania Dance Theater Company (Poland, 2010), Cia. Dance Nomads (Tenerife, 2007 and 2009), among others. Several of his works have been selected for Circuit Theatre Network Alternative and Aerowaves in 2009 and 2011. He collaborates with different slope with Provisional Danza, Matarile Theatre, Accident Artistic Smelter Bilbao or residency program lit House (2009), with dance and creation workshops for dance companies and theater nationally and international.




The work stem from the concept construction-destruction. A place of start and end at the same time; a place of identity as presence and form of things, or just the opposite.
Born from a crack, a strange landscape caused by a blow to us and makes us look at the brain from the outside. It raises the fantasies and realities of a torrent of strong energy, where logic loses sense and becomes consistent, look at the world to see how it moves.
From the world of symbology often aggressive and many other beautiful and almost religious. The physicality is why, as variables and the last years have led to what now express from vacuum. What the speed of body craves and is able to express.
In this very physical work I have been as mentally he could be.