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Cristina Hernández

Born in Los Llanos de Aridane (La Palma, 1976). Bachelor of Dramatic Art EAC (2008-2012) UCM (1997-2003) and Computer Engineer. Additional training: body percussion (Jep Meléndez, Keith Terry), manipulation of objects (“The memory of objects” Xabier Bovés), queer aesthetic (“Office Travesti” Regina Fiz Santos), theatre-dance (“under construction” Amalia Fernández), dance (“move your body” Carmelo Salazar), dance and theory of communication (“Appraisers” Quim Bigas Bassart), dance (“Acoustics of the movement” Mónica Valenciano), theatre-dance (“Joyful penalty contemplation” Bárbara Sánchez), dance (various workshops Amaranta Velarde (, Manu Rodríguez, Canary Islands inside and outside by 2015), theatre (Claudia Faci, El Conde de Torrefiel). Theatre (“The age of the cold. Conversations with Antigone” Robert Garcia de Mesa, “Betancourt thread”‘ Helena Turbo Company, “Lilyet” Khaled Kouka, ” Do you love me “”Fallen””Playing with sharks”Cristina Hdez. Cruz, DinA3, “Boris Godunov” La fura dels Baus), corporal percussion (Jep Meléndez), dance (“exposed bodies. (Out of context “Carlota mantecón competition,”Me Comprometo”the commitment – Laura Marrero Marcelino, “Venere” Cia Daniel Abreu),”The argument”opening of the Numacircuit (Adán Hernández, Javier Cuevas Leal.Lav),”retro-retrospective”Eugenio Espinoza (Leal.lav-TEA), cinema (“Roads in Aïssa”Rolando García,”Modernos”Digital 104), voice (“Molar. Relating to more” Quim Bigas Bassart and “John against John” Juan Carlos Villalba).


I promise is a scenic four dancers fact and an actress. This work is based on the line of the improvisation scenic. I agree is the union of four artists under the same ideal: continue to seek new presences onstage. The scene is in continuous change, and us are committed to perform a process in which each time we commit more with this scene / world.

I agree, it is the first piece made by the collective “the engagement”. In the line of improvisation, “commitment” is acquired, first with the artists who share scene, with the scene, with the social, with the continuous search of what sense has the scene today. Make of it a place permeable, because the world is in constant change, a place where the artist is committed from what is, from what are, and from the meaning of the scene. The world changes, the scene also, the artist also. Start of impulses themselves and committed with what are (people and artists) to what have in scene.

The commitment, was born in the summer of 2016, in research residence at the Auditorio de Tenerife. This summer, continue with the mini-residencia 333,333 Leal Lav.

In the first residence, we started with improvisations to find the system of improvisation as well as union first of these four artists. At Leal Lav, we develop tests around this system of improvisation.