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Celeste González


Un-trained in academic dance in the Palmas Madrid and Zaragoza. In the 80’s and 90’s she works at Zaragoza’s Ballet, Wallonie Royal Ballet (Belgium) and National Ballet of Spain. After this period she begins her own works, radically away from the academic language and creating their own pieces, presented in contexts such as the Nits Salvatges and Supernatural at La Porta (Barcelona), In-Presentables (La Casa Encendida, Madrid) and A Ras de Suelo (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). She has also collaborated with other companies and artists like Matarile Teatro and Bea Fernández, among others.





Wakefield Poole is the name of one of the American dancers who were part of the Monte Carlo Russian Ballets  and gay erotic film director. In Visions and revisions, she makes a comparative study between two works that the dancer-director knows well. On the one hand, the second act of ” Swan Lake ” which Wakefield danced countless times while with the Ballets Russes and, secondly, his first film, Boys in the Sand (1971), a milestone in the gay erotic film.

The title “visions and revisions” summarizes the proposal. Vision as ability to see as well as imaginary perception perceived as real. Review as an action look at the detail and carefully something. The look is always individual. With this work she shares (with the public) in a performative-conference her vision as a dancer (choreographic vision) of these two pieces that she identifies.


This work has allowed me to enter the contact (via email) with Wakefield Poole, now living retired in La Florida (USA). “During the creation and thanks to the support received by the defunct “La Porta” could have as a coach to Paul B Preciado, philosopher Professor queer University” Paris 7 “and internationally known activist. “Wakefield Poole: visions and revisions” premieres at the CCCB Barcelona 2010 curated by La Porta.

With this work she receives 2015 Barcelona Critics Best Prize for a Solo Dance Piece.