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Carmen Macías

Dancer, creator and dance teacher. Graduate at Northern School of Contemporary Dance (England). Continues her training in Spain, England and the rest of Europe with teachers from different specialities of dance as Rosemary Butcher, Lauren Potter, Chisato Ohno, Gary Clarke, Daniel Abreu, Laly Aiguadé, Cesc Gelabert, Valentina Golfieri, Janis Claxton, , Milan Kozánek, Doron Raz, Sharon Vazanna, Jose Agudo, David Zambrano and Russell Maliphant among others. She worked with different choreographers: Douglas Thorpe (Mag Dog Dance Theatre, ”A visceral man”), Luca Silvestrini ((In)visible dancing, Coventry), Riccardo Meneghini and Sonia Rodríguez (”Contemplatio-Performed” and ”Signals to Lala”).


Embarked on her own creative proposals from 2013, the ”D-Construction”, ”Régénère”, ”Fickleness” and ”Prelude” solos born, being part of various festivals of dance. She is selected in 2014 for make a site-specific in the BIBLI gallery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, within the framework of Festival Sitio, Arts in the private space. In 2015 she makes creative residencies in L’Estruch, Sabadell, SOLAR Association and LEAL.LAV. She is currently a member of Tenerife Danza Lab, resident company at Tenerife Auditorium, where she continues to develop and expand possibilities in the field of contemporary dance: creation, interpretation, educational aspects and exploration of creative processes. Parallely she is actively involved in the company Enbe dance, art in diversity, as well as with artists from different disciplines.


It is a reflection on the ability of some organisms to regenerate a lost part of the body, the adaptation process, and its sole purpose, survival.

Regenerate is change, transition, evolution.


My proposal offers a prior meeting-workshop with people interested in investigate and explore widely the concept of regeneration from different perspectives, either using the body and improvisation, or other tools. The end will be the research and exchange of ideas.

Perceptions and impressions of what emerged in the collective meeting will merge to the Régénère piece, having a flexible structure, and opening up new possibilities with each encounter. As the concept implies, there will always be change, that will be the main focus, constant regeneration influenced from sharing.