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Carlota Mantecón

(Tenerife, 1984). Choreographer, performer, dancer.

One Year Certificate in Higher Education and PG in Performance at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), London. Training block AREA Espai of Danza i Creacio, BCN, and coursing Degree in Communication at U.O.C.

Professor specializing in body and movement practises, Contemporary Dance and Yoga. She researches from the contemporary scene with: THE EXCERCISE OF LOVE released in November 2015, co-produced by the Guimerá Theatre, selected in the SPANISHMATCH BOX of Norway 2016 / LIVE premiered in March 2014 Victoria Theatre, Spain / FATIH (one piece on trust) co-produced by the Auditorium of Tenerife Adam Martin, winner of two REPLICA AWARDS 2013: Best Show and Best Choreography.  She collaborated with Jesus in some previous works and with Jessie Brett in FIRE SHADOW SILENCE selected by be Festival 2010 and AWAKE IN THE DREAM funded by Art Council of Wales and awarded in the Choreographic Contest  of Madrid in 2012. Tour of Italy and Tenerife with the single THE HEART OF OPHELIA in 2010. Collaborations with other artists: Jesún Rubio, Élida Dorta, Masu Fajardo, Teresa Lorenzo, Javier Caro, Simone Marin and Dea Woon Kang.



A stripped piece, almost naked, a ritual in which both creators are delivered to a intense and meticulous physical workout, to a study of the melee, to explore issues related to the encounter with the oher, the persistence and the resistance, the company, the love… In almost total silence, the body takes the absolute importance and are the physical actions -hold or leaning on the other, abandon oneself or surrender, living and breathing or balance- which sculpt the scenic narrative. The excercise of love is a piece about the need for set physical and emotional links with the other, on the ability and/or the desire to stay with someome, about the passage of time sharing and about all the little things that are happening to us in the meantime.